How many players?


How many active players are we now playing NP on a regular basis? I guess this one goes out to @JayKyburz.


hard question to answer? what does regular basis mean?


Well, how many individual players play NP every month.


well I fit into that category and I know at least 20 others who do as well.


unfortunately it can’t be much higher than 100 :confused: I keep seeing all the same faces in the big games. nice to see new faces every now and then. I go out of my way to help them out if possible.


For some reason I thought the number was a bit higher. But it’s quite an old school type of game. Many gamers lack the patience to play it perhaps.


I hope you are right.


Well, I love this game! The only game I play nowadays. Always trying to convince friends of its greatness. When scanning the Internet there doesn’t seem to be that many similiar games out there. Browser based that is.


I started back at the end of 13, so that’s four years now for me. I can say for certain that over the past year the active players has plummeted dramatically.


Ditto what @Smulm said as there has been a dropoff in activity in the forum and in games - one reason I try to help out newbies as NP needs fresh blood.


I fear that this trend will only continue until we or those geniuses at Iron Helmet isolate the cause. I know not of what that could be, save perhaps lack of marketing attention and or stale public game options.

There’s also possible upgrades to the game itself, i.e Proteus, which I dislike, but can see the need for, as well as a refreshing redesign of the website, just to keep things refreshing.

And of course, NP1 AVATARS! (Screams at top of lungs) It’s because people don’t have toiletbowl aliens to play as! Or psycho rabbits! It’s because of that I tell you!


There is also competition with new games coming out.

I agree with updates and bug fixes to the game.

These tournament activities seems to have boosted the number of user created games, and NP2 forum activity. :slight_smile:


I kind of like Proteus actually. Missing out the possibility to play turnbased though,


The ability for the user to create Mirrored Maps in NP would be GREAT for tournaments …


Speaking as a lapsed long-timer, I too enjoy this game. I like the Proteus changes, and have invested too heavily in the new mechanics to go back! But I am waiting for more enhancements to promote more team-oriented play, such as multiple alliances options. I think these enhancements are required in order to address the newb AFK problem, which makes too many games unplayable and/or a wasted investment of time. I am guessing Jay is very much distracted by the need to make a living; having bambinos has that effect!

That being said, I was hours away from joining your tourney! Oh well.



BB, WTF are you still here?!?
I haven’t seen you in years (didn’t help that I took an extended NP break of ~2 years).


I sat with my daughter and drew a bit this afternoon. Playing to much NP you think? :joy:


lol Axson just a bit. :smiley: for some reason this made me think of a Genesis device. Now I want a Genesis device for the game… and a Nova bomb.


Corrupt the children early.
( cough )
I mean teach them science technology engineering & math, and the beauty in structures in life.

Corrupt them.


While it doesn’t directly answer the question. This was posted on the discord chat recently and might be interesting to some people:

Note: The “Thats not the real number” is referring to a previous post.