How many times has a Player QUIT or gone AFK?


Current statistics tell everyone how many Victories, Rank and Renown.

In my last game, a player with 28 wins and a heap of everything else, QUIT on day 2 because he wasn’t going to win.

What if he got his 28 wins by playing 2 days and only staying every time he looked like he could win? What about those of us that spend a few weeks playing a real game to win or even lose? He can play another 20 plus 2 day games and probably win 1 or even 2 while we actually play .

So what about all the games that they QUIT or went AFK in?

How about all the games where you valiantly helped your ally to win and came 2nd or even 3rd?

My suggestion is that statistics be amended to show:-

Games Played, Games 1st, Games 2nd, Games 3rd, Games QUIT, Games AFK, Rank and Renown


FIrst, Quits/AFK’s are the scourge of NP - unfortunately happens … :frowning:

Assuming no RL issues, I agree totally lame for someone to quit after two days. I’ve only had to quit once … and that was when I was going totally off-grid for a week … let everyone know well in advance that it would happen.

I wouldn’t mind having AFK/Quit stats shown … except you have to be a little careful with Quits because sometimes in the end-game, it’s obvious how it all going to end up, so if everyone simply agrees to quit in sequence, it just ends the game quicker.

So maybe anyone that quits in the first 5 cycles or something like that.


I know it sounds a bit namby pamby, but I generally don’t like to burnden folks with these kinds of negative stats. Sometimes life just gets in the way and you drop?

And what are you going to do anyhow when you see this stats. Are you going to refuse to ally with them, or trade with them. They would just create a new account to play with.

My solution to this whole problem is to just fix the AI so that its actually fun to play with so if somebody does drop its just no big deal.


After seeing the couple of answers, one from Jay, I will accept that there are perfectly good reasons why people would quit but that still doesn’t give credit to those that came second or third.

I know that you can work it out with their Rank but too much like hard work for most.

So how about a revised list:-

Games 1st, Games 2nd, Games 3rd, Games Other, Rank and Renown?

No negativity in that. It even shows how many times you have almost made it and people can infer what they want to from the Games Other… Quit, AFK, I came SOOO close to 3rd… etc



I once joined a 2 player turn based game and then quit after the 1st cycle. The aggressive AI who took over later on beat the remaining live player.

Other times I just quit and agree to 2nd or 3rd with an ally in the lead for the win. It still gave me some rank and we gave each other renown from our alliance agreement. Or others on my team quit to allow me the victory. Works either way.

Then I move on to the next NP2 galaxy as my real life allows.


I kind of like the idea of showing how many times a player gets into second or third place, as it shows just how dedicated they can be.

I would agree with Jay that if it came down to having a stat for AFKs and quits, then I’d just end up getting a new account. I do have a tendency to quit because of RL issues popping up unexpectedly, or internet issues knocking me off. I’ve not been AFK in ages, save one game I didn’t realize even started, but having that on my track record would be very, very unpleasant. Who knows if people would even agree to trade or ally, right? Like Jay says.

Or… maybe there could be a second or third place badge? We have strange ones, blasters, and slices of cheese, but nothing for players who were second or third.


Smulm came up with an idea I could get behind. how many times have you been in 2nd or third?

perhaps also how many games have you played?