How much should I compensate an ally for abandoning stars to me?


Should I base it on resource value?

Built in infrastructure ?

Should I just give renown ?

Should I be obliged to abandon a star to this same ally?

Me personally, I would prefer a credit value.
or some formula to apply for consistency across NP2.

Please post your NP2 experiences about this, or hypotheticals.


I would reimburse them what they have spent on EIS.



I barely keep track of EIS cost except for what I plan to buy next in the current production cycle.

What if the EIS was on the abandoned star was bought a few production cycles before , when TF tech level was lower ?

What if the the star was conquered from another empire, and the abandoning player only spent on the E part and not yet on the IS portion? What about the ships lost by the ally to conquer that star?

What if the abandoned star was conquered a few cycles back? Prior owner spent on some of the IS; your ally spent ships to take it, and then built even more EIS in the production cycles since?


A perfect reason to give renown.


To be honest that’s only really near the beginning of the game so its pretty easy to figure out. Later on we are usually both fighting for a common goal or no longer allies so it’s not really important to ‘reimburse’ then.


If you’re strong enough, you don’t need to pay anything.