How much to ask for tech?

Hi there! In my current game I’m ahead in science points. I have a request from a player to trade him Weapons Lvl 4. He only has Lvl 2 and no tech to offer in return.

I invested a lot in science early on, so I am a bit behind in economy and industry. How much premium cash do you think is reasonable to request from the player per tech level?

I’m thinking to ask 1 cost of science point per tech level, which for me currently is $125. So I might ask $500 for Weapons 4, excluding trade fees of course.

What do you think? How much would you pay for a tech you wanted or ask if you are requested?

Weapons 4 to weapons 2!. You should take him out!

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He is on the other side of the galaxy :wink:

Well Id say it depends on whether you think you profit in any way from him having this technology. If he is one of the strongest players already, then make it expensive. If he is fighting your enemys, or gets defeated already, but you want hi to survive make it cheap.

In generall, I sell most of my tech fortransfer fee * 2 or TF + 100.
500 for the tech would be a cycles income, I daupt that someone would really pay as much.