How smart the ai?

Hello!, new(ish) player here. I originally signed up years ago but never even started my first game, the ui just gave me a headache. I returned with a little more patience for gaming and started anew last week.

I would like to know about attacking the AI. Does the AI know how big an incoming attack is or does it know only that an attack is present at all. Is it, “oh there is an attack of 37 ships, I should prepare a proportionate response”, or is it, “ATTACK!!! ATTACK!!! MAN THE RAMPARTS!!! PANIC!!! PANIC!!! PANIC!!!”?

Thank you.

I’m a little perturbed no one bothered to reply after over two weeks. Somewhat lacking in friendliness. But after two weeks of fighting the ai I do have the understanding I was searching for. I’ll repurpose this thread for my ‘first impressions’ in a day or so.

Try the search feature…

Sorry @MOOSEandSQUIRREL I must have missed your first post.

THe AI is not super smart, and does some really dumb things still. Clearly bugs that need fixing.

The very first pass was supposed to just be at least a minor pain in the but that you can’t ignore so that players that have an AI next to them don’t have too big an advantage.

I hope to have more time to work on the AI in the coming weeks.


I really don’t know how this slipped through the radar tbh… I check the board most days and try to respond to any unanswered threads, as I know quite a few others here do.

It’s a slightly difficult question to answer as only the coders would know the exact formula for how the AI respond (see Jay’s reply above!) but it sounds like you’ve got a feel for how they act now.

Anyway, rest assured we are a friendly bunch… out of game that is.

Sorry for digging this up here, but only to give an example (sry if you’re already aware of this one), the AI has attacked me with a carrier holding 1 single ship. Not sure if it was trying to support its planet though.

Yes sorry, there are still some dumb stuff.

My new AI project will start very soon, and although I only plan to spend one day a week on it, I hope we will see some improvements soon.