How to Get a Huge Economy?

Second time player here. Playing my first 32-player game.
I thought I was doing ok, but I am about to face an opponent with over three times my economy.
How do they do this? Is it from early alliances and pumping every credit into it early?
I do notice that their industry and science are not huge.

Hi Krazy Kat,

There a couple of things that can line up to provide a large economy.

One of my strategies in the game is to dump pretty much everything for the first few turns into economy. It will pay for itself in 2-4 turns anyway, and gives you a great headstart in the game. Buying power can be increased by having good Terraforming technology.
Also,if they have more stars than you, they would be expected to have more economy, as it will be much cheaper for them to build so much. Also, in big games, sometime players will just send money to someone if they’re knocked out early, so it’s possible they have been on the receiving end of that type of bonus. An economy lead is very hard to peg back. I like to stay ahead on econ with my games where possible.

Thanks for the advice. I know now that economy is the gift that keeps on giving.

My problem this game was probably the fact that I could not form any truces or alliances early, so I had to put my money into building ships. I won the early game but will lose in the mid game.

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