How to help Triton?


How can I help Triton the most, or even more?

I’m already a Premium Member, and I do buy galactic credits from time to time to reward some great players with badges, but it doesn’t feel like enough.

I’m playing around 8-10 games at any one time. The game is providing me with so much entertainment, and I would really like to help more.

Should I keep throwing money at it? Can I help out with testing/programming/writing/graphics? What can I do?


Spread the word!


Hey @Necronos, I love that sentiment.

As well as spreading the word, I always really appreciate suggestions for improvement of bug fixes. Hulk has been doing some good tests of the AI which is great.

Also, one of the best things you could do is help new players enjoy the game and help grow the community.

I think sometimes new players feel a bit intimidated and I think the would really enjoy their first few games more if they had an experienced player as an ally watching their back.


Definitely, I’m in a 8 player game that I’m basically giving to a new player. He’s smart, and asks good question, so hopefully he’ll stick around.


I recently played a 64 player game where I ran into this. we took over a player that said it was his second game. He begged for mercy and my allies and I allowed him to live. He was left with a handful of stars and continued to build while the war raged around him. Eventually he was attacked and I stood by him deflecting the attack. He sent his ships (a non insignificant number by that point) to help turn the tide in the war. He appreciated the fact we allowed him to live, we appreciated that he stuck around to help out, and he said that he was looking forward to playing even more. It was great to see.


Helping new players is definitely a great idea and is going to be something that I start doing from here on out.

For a new player though, how would they know who to trust? What standards do you judge others as trustworthy? I usually see players with a Rank higher than their Renown as generally untrustworthy. Maybe I’m being unfair but I can’t think of a better way to judge this. For someone who’s new, I don’t know how they would be able to judge this either.

Could we get a badge for a Mentor? Something that we could award to people who help us out by teaching us more about the game. Or maybe something else to acknowledge Mentors in another way?


I asked about a mentor slot a while ago. You are absolutely right Trust is so difficult.


You can gain trust with your actions; tell them you’re going to do / not do something and follow through with it. Tech trading especially helps, as does talking about how many ships you’ll be leaving on your border (presuming you share a border). The more times you do what you said you were going to do, the more trust you build up. A joint attack will usually cement an alliance. Of course all this can all be used to lure someone into a false sense of security… but in the scenario being discussed here, you’re not going to abuse that trust. Sending them money to help with tech trading, or building up their infrastructure is a big gesture too… at that point they’ve got to start thinking “why would they be sending me money if they’re planning to attack me?”

Also, don’t come on too strong right at the beginning about wanting to help them out or what ever… it might sound really suspicious. Let the relationship develop. In this respect I’m definitely warming to Rosslessness’ idea of the mentor role.