How to start from when fully locked

No stars reachable without hyperspace tech, should I “just give up”?

Well I have been put in a really annoying corner, apart from 3 stars there’s nothing reachable until I get hyperspace tech, and even at that point the only thing I can do is go directly through someone else’s main system.

I’m thinking: is it even worth continuing? Is there a good strategy to play as “turtle” with very very minimal stars (I got 1 extra big star, rest of the extras are sub 10).

Read this thread, and the comment from @eplazaguest shows that some creative strategies are possible.

It seems that you have had this happen before.


Yeah I have real trouble when not playing “to first place”. Playing for second or “other tasks” is really not something I can do…

You can still be a threat to someone who is not carefully watching out. Many games need to capture 50 % of stars for victory, so it is often not a bad idea to join an alliance.

Tell pink to provide you an outlet lane. Since he’s your only border, he probably has pressure from 2 or 3 other players. If he’s smart he’ll take your offer since you have to go that way anyways. Diplomatic presentation is essential. I’ve found polite honesty to be the most effective for that particular situation. He can either deal with you attacking him, or he can willingly cede you a path so that he is no longer a target. It’s nothing personal, afterall :slight_smile:

Once you’ve landed in his core, you can either uphold your commitment and attack someone else (green maybe, since you’ll eventually have range to head that way anyway), or if the opportunity presents itself you might be able to manage a fast takeover of his (yellow) empire and you got “free” scanning to do it.

At game start, if youre a lone wolf, it’s better to be on the perimeter with 1 neighbor and less stars and opportunities than it is to be in the center with 3 neighbor’s and more stars and opportunities than fleet strength to maintain it.

That’s my thought anyway.

Hmm I wonder, is it better to do a blind attack early or go for long term and just wait it out?

I have seen these things happen !

Do not underestimate delayed allies.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Battle of the Pelennor Fields

The Army of the Dead arrives late & turns the tide of battle. 

Do not underestimate enemies that might change their minds & switch sides.

Star Trek DS9, Battle of Cardassia

The Cardassian fleet switched sides & joined the Federation Alliance to attack the Dominion & Breen. 

Do you have the diplomatic influence to change their minds ?

What do you mean? Play for a role as sidekick?

I have seen players start with an HR gap & win the game.

I am sure that not every gamer wins every game.

Sometimes a different point of view might not be bad, even in chess.

Players in this game often develop a reputation & friendships. Oftentimes they will remember you from a previous game and help you in return for past favors.