How will AI respond if I attack?

If I attack an AI which is currently Friendly (3) to me, what will happen? Will my regard be reduced by 1 or more?

EDIT: I have tested this once. The AI and I were going towards the same 3rd party star but he got there first, so I attacked him. This reduced my regard by one, F(3) β†’ F(2).

Any attack will make it think negatively to you. so you would go from +3 to -1

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Also differs if you are playing Proteus or Triton.

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What’s the difference? I am playing the default one.

each collision will result in a reduced regard. Your regard will also go down each cycle you are ranked first. If the player has more then 50 stars I believe(struggling to remember, I believe there is a gsheet floating around that has more details), the ai just wont move till you cut them down below that number. If you are neutral or positive regard, you can send an AI tech or suggested $ contribution, they will send you a tech. Do it shortly after cycle though to ensure the ai has the cash to send the tech.