Human Zombie Lord - Dread Knight


So, this zombie boss is not working for a variety of other reasons outlined in other threads.

What I’ve decided to do is just keep things simple. All units in 3 hex area become get 2 buffs. They are Immune to Pin, Push and Pulls (Move compulsions) and gain +X extra strength.

I will let Blighted Pea have a think about what the +x should be but I have it set at 5 for my testing.

I think That should be scary enough!


A question on this and similar mechanics: Is the Dread Knight also immune to Pin, Push and Pulls (Move compulsions)?
Basically, is a card assumed to have the immunities it bestows on others?

I’m assuming he does, based on the fact that the Dread Knight does have the “Assemble the horde”, “Horde Determination” and “Horde Strength” listed under his buffs, but my partner players are assuming he doesn’t benefit from his own abilities given the way the card it is worded. What’s the official call on this?

I’m also curious - for buffs like these. Do they expire if the card that activated it is destroyed (both for immortals and our own cards), or do they remain for the buff duration regardless?



The Dread Knight grants his buffs to “all Immortal units within a 3 league area”. This always includes himself, so he grants himself his buffs as well.

In general, No.

For instance, I don’t believe the Jester King casts his random movement compulsion on himself (might be wrong about that).

Currently, buffs remain (at least the Dread Knight buff) after the buff source is killed. I think the intention is for them to go away when the boss is killed, but I know the behavior was broken one way or the other quite recently, so I’m not sure which behavior is the bug. I’ll let the devs clarify that one.