Humble Suggestion/RFE: Movement Icons

I love the red exclamation icon indicating when Zs are retreating under the influence of a buff.

I would further love to see some indicator, perhaps the little white “running man,” indicating that a unit is in motion. Right now, I have to click on every Z within a town to determine whether they’re on the move, which is time consuming to say the least and results in me not being able to play during work as much as I’d like.


A really popular request is to be able to show all movement paths, is that kind of what you are after?

I was thinking a hot key to show all zombie paths, one to show all your units and one to show perhaps all.

It might slow the graphics down too much for slower computers like and ipad or phone, and especially on the larger games.

Nope. I’m with the folks who don’t want to know exactly where the Zeds are going and enjoy that aspect of the game. I’d just like to know from a quick glance that they’re on the move instead of having to click on each unit to determine that.

Not critical, just a nice to have as it lets me check-in without having to a spend a lot of time doing it.


No, that’s what I mean, the zombies themselves only know the first move step, I just mean people want to see that first path.

Anyhow, I’ll have a think about how to do it.