Hypergame test game 2

Hello fellow NP players

Last december the first hypergame test game was held to see if the concept was any fun at all and if it was possible to do from a practical standpoint and I am happy to report that it was a massive succes, those who played enjoyed it a lot and some problems with the format came to light which will now be fixed for the second game.

But wait a second what are hypergames even? Well that’s a great question, hypergames are essentially a massively sped up verison of your average NP game. We have tick rates set at 1 tick per minute which brings an interesting dynamic to the game. However this brings with it a few problems namely if you’re not actively playing the game for more than 20 mins you miss a whole cycle and you go AFK after only 48 so these games are played once a week, namely Saturday evening 9-11 PM GMT ,although the timing might still change so don’t let that scare you away, and the game is paused between sessions . People all join the dedicated discord server while they are playing and hang out in voice chat together to discuss the politics and ongoings of the game. You can find the full ruleset in the discord server, see link below, but that’s a short version of what these hypergames are.

Now what am I looking for for the second game?
Last game we only had 5 players which was interesting but I believe it can become even more crazy and fun if we have more players when I set out to create this tournament I was aiming to host games with 16 players and maybe even the occasional 32P so what I’m looking to test in this second game is if the format is as much fun with larger groups or if it simply too chaotic.

I hope to hear back from you guys soon


Hello Bio-M6

I would be interested in joining, as it would also be an opportunity for me to improve my English, if it’s not a problem for you the fact that my main language is Italian I would like to try joining, if so could you resend the invite link to the discord please, bc that this one is expired?

Thank you very much and have a nice day, hope to hear from you back soon

I am more likely to respond faster via discord so here is my tag

Also here is the invite link, these expire after a while for some reason…