I broke the game


So, I created a game.

8 stars each, 6 starting stars, 25% Of total stars needed for victory.

Do you see my problem?

Me and Brian both entered the game. Then it was over. I conceded defeat, and then won!

Can we have this fixed please? My non victory makes a mockery of the stats system. :smile:


I feel there is more flawed with it that Ross mentioned.

First, the system should have never allowed the game to be created.
Second, (and we’d have to run it again to figure out what it would do) what would have actually triggered victory? If I had taken a star, we would still have been over.
Third, since there were only two of us, it allowed Ross to concede, then it ended without offering to let me accept victory. Rather, it let one player end the game.
Fourth, given that we were exactly tied, and Ross conceded, it should have given preference to the player that didn’t concede for the victory. Not that I wanted the point, but that was what I would expect the system to do when both star and ship counts are even.


AKA win farming


yeah, maybe we should have mailed @JayKyburz directly @Rosslessness


Easily fixed I’m sure. I’ll delete my post if Jay wants.


How many players? Just 2? What’s broken here?

There are heaps of ways to make broken games. You can have 8 stars each, far starts and lock range to 1. for example.


Apparently that sufficiently motivated premium players can run up the player stats. Why anyone would pay money so they could do that is beyond me.


It’s the fact that the creator has instantly won without making a move. He’s fulfilled the victory condition. Me and Brian could make 100 of these games a day, They need no effort. I just feel it makes a mockery of the stats system.


Yeah but whats the fix?

    JayKyburz: Yeah but whats the fix?

No victory stats for games that do not qualify a certain set of criteria, for example:

  • a minimum of 8 players
  • a minimum of 50% stars to win
  • a minimum size of 8 starts per player

That combination of criteria hopefully ensures that some effort is needed to win a game.


I don’t think we need anything as drastic as Camelorn’s suggestion. I know there is a heavily contested 6 player game going on right now (I’m not it, but I see the updates in a Hangout). Eliminating victory and rank points from games like that wouldn’t be fair. I’ve even played a 1v1 game that lasted 2 weeks and I lost by one star (I posted at the time that 1v1 was a broken game type, but we have better victory settings now).

As for potential fixes, upon game generation, check:
IF PlayerStartingStars >= VictoryConditionStarCount THEN Invalid Game
IF PlayerCount < 32 AND IF Victory% < 33 THEN Invalid Game
IF PlayerCount < 8 AND IF Victory% < 50 THEN Invalid Game
IF PlayerCount < 6 AND IF Victory% < 66 THEN Invalid Game
IF PlayerCount < 8 AND IF PlayerStartingStars >= StarsPerPlayer/2 THEN Invalid Game

I’m sure we can think of additional checks, as we come up with situations that would make the game an easy win. I also think that on finding an Invalid Game situation, there should be a warning at game creation. Probably should include what the erroneous setting is.

For most of the checks, let the game generate anyway, as sometimes bug testing requires bad game settings, then BIG a notification warning players before they join the game that it is not considered a valid game, and no Victory/Rank/Renown points can be earned by playing it.

The games I wouldn’t allow to generate at all are the ones where you exceed victory conditions before the game starts. Those I would just return the error for during creation.


How about a simpler approach: not awarding victory stats for any game that ends within X hours of starting?

X might be 24-48 hours?


That might be worth adding if it is Ticks as opposed to actual time. I know there are people playing turn based games as LAN parties, and completing them in a few hours. Still, I think a more robust set of rules would be better.


It’s already easy to run up the stats. Just make an alt account and make many 2-player games and have your alt join and quit them.


Thanks for the suggestions everybody!

I like @markwkidd’s suggestion. If you win within 48 ticks it was not worthy of victory points or rank.


So instead of some actual fixes, you simply have to wait with your friend for 48h before someone concedes? Come on Jay, that does nothing to fix something that is actually broken with game creation.


Still think everyone should have a “game log” of sorts. Or at least “recent games finished”. This would have:

  • player count
  • stars per player
  • cycles completed

That’s it. Save 5, 10, or all games. You can click on the Rank or Victories number and get the info.


Save it all, you are only talking about a hundred bytes worth of data per game.

Include renown gained and players battled.