I can trade with dead empires

Haven’t actually clicked the trade button because it feels like an exploit and I don’t want to cheat but shouldn’t trading be disabled for empires with zero stars?

You can recover from 0 stars if you have a large fleet in transit. This isn’t an issue in scan-only-trading games. If you are KO then you can’t access the trade system - just tested this.

If you can trade with defeated AI empires then it’s a game bug (you shouldn’t be allowed to), if you cannot trade then it’s a UI bug. It’s a bit of a hassle to test since you need to create a new game and kill an AI.

An empire with 0 stars can not trade. The carriers in transit must capture a star, before trade can resume.

This is an AI empire I’m talking about here, and he has no ships; do you want me to test it out by sending him some money or tech?

I think Jay’s code prevents trade with any (human or AI) empire with 0 stars, regardless of how many ships it has.

Hmm, must be a UI bug then that the buttons are enabled…

I wouldn’t call it a UI bug, you can still offer your $ to a shop that’s closed but has employees. They can’t trade goods or services without an open location, but you can still make offers.