I think our Multiplayer game just crashed - Stuck on Loading Screen


I was playing this morning around 7:30 AM (Pacific Standard Time) (15:30 UTC).

I was sitting on a couple thousand gold and thought to myself, wouldn’t it be fun, as a sign of solidarity to build a unit in each of my many settlements far from the frontlines, then march them all into my ally’s various settlements. Oh the fictions that were writing themselves in my head…

So I started to build a unit in each settlement, one after the other, after the other… I was almost done also, I was about 2 or 3 settlements away from completing my massive troop building order, when after starting to build some more Goblin Bows… the client crashed and said to refresh…

Upon refreshing, I was greeted with this:

And it hasn’t changed in the past 15 minutes.

I even tried another multiplayer game that failed to start on us, and that one seemed to load just fine… (still missing one player and waiting to start)

But our current game for this week is always on a Loading screen when I try to load it. I’'ll try to contact the other players and see if they are having troubles loading the game as well.

Here’s some basic info on the game we were playing:

and the url bits…

I hope the game can be salvaged, we were probably a weekend away from a great victory.


Funeral Pyre Stat Tracking

It’s working fine for me my friend. From home on my phone, or here at work on my desktop.


Oh noes, just as I posted that, my troubles began… I am now seeing the same thing. Those knights aren’t going to make it much longer without my oversight either =(.


Maybe the game makes regular backups and save states that they can restore? would be a good feature.


It appears to be more than just us! Others playing the game in our office have reported experiencing the same issue with their game.


It seems to be back up now! Huzzah! Time to see what units died horrible horrible deaths…


Sorry for the downtime. There is a weird python dependency issue that is happening intermittently. Its my number one priority to sort out.


No worries, once it got sorted, we regrouped and smashed some zombies. :wink: