I wish this (and all other Iron Helmet) games were single player

Just what it says on the tin.

This company/designer has the distinct honor (hah, I’m not that self-centered, I promise) of being:

• Probably my favorite game designer?
• Who makes games I can’t fucking play

Aww shucks. Thanks @renmf

Dont forget Iron Helmet’s Games are a team effort. Both @IHG-BlightedPea and I design the games together.

Why can’t you play them?

I personally dont enjoy single player games because (in most games) I feel like I’m just jumping through hoops, killing time.

When I play multiplayer games I feel like I’m being social and going on a journey with other people.


@renmf I enjoy Blight’s singpleplayer, even though I find it a tad flawed, I agree with Jay these games really are at their best with others.

Maybe Blight’s singleplayer campaigns could get a nudge or two :wink:

@renmf Jupiter’s Folly can be played as single player.

A campaign mode would be cool, like a continuing storyline.

I’d like to add a set of single player Challenges for BBB. These would be more like small puzzles to solve in interesting and tricky strategic situations to give you a taste of the variety of situations you could find yourself in in a multiplayer game.

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@IHG-BlightedPea - that sounds like an interesting idea. I’d be for it.