I won my first 64p Ultra map (domination/solo victory)! [FAQ/AMA/Chat]

(I’ll keep a list of details/POIs in this first post and edit them in as is relevant/educational/interesting. Obligatory proof screenshot below. 'Floor is open otherwise – don’t be shy newbies, don’t spare me veterans :sunglasses:)

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Well done! no small feat!


Thanks @JayKyburz ! Wasn’t expecting this, 'means a lot coming from the creator of the game!

Thanks also @Ramjet !

Some thoughts on achieving a domination/solo victory (c.f. you control half the map or approx 3x the amount of stars the next highest on the leaderboad:does)

  • Players will be mad at you if you read them. Trust your first instinct, it is always the correct one. Don’t trade tech or share useful info with them. Match their border garrison if you’re neighbors. Maintain your cool, even if you’re under pressure. Do not involve yourself with them. Do be straight with them if necessary. The dramas they create will be their undoing. They will always return to their core behaviors even if they switch up temporarily. You will thank yourself down-the-line.

  • Don’t enable those who run to you suddenly. Even if they beg and plead and whine, do not enable them. Even if they build ships on your border, do not enable them. Even if they then turn petty/get mad and attack you, do not enable them. Even if you’re already getting pressed from multiple sides and don’t need that crap right now, do not enable them. You will prevail.

(I have many more screenshots than this covering many of my games. Originally just for my records/receipts. However,I think they would be very useful to provide real, in the wild examples instead of being abstract, especially for newbies who show promise as soloists)

Interesting read! Quite funny how you got simultaneously ghosted by two players and four days later they come back asking for techs like time never passed.

Your game is 64 Player Delta Mirfak https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/4872464256204800
This game will continue to be available for few days before being moved into the bit bucket.

The map is xjhdexters-quad_flower = Three neighbors map 64D .

Congratulations ! You successfully captured the required 280 stars = 0.33 * 847 stars total, after 796 ticks = 39 production cycles * 20 ticks/cycle + 16 ticks.

Interesting stories. :upside_down_face: Your screenshots are mostly from the NNW outer sector of the galaxy, during the earlier days of the game.

One of your emails from purple square Slave One mentions star Tabit. I was unable to find Tabit, however there is a HW star WG renamed as Yjgnirr that is 3.34 LY from star Lucida WG.

Yo Dex, this is Blue Oval from that game. Great job. Well earned!