IceLord idea inside!


I’ve been staring at this IceLord card for a while, and I think I came up with a wonderful OP ability to make him the desire of every Goblin Player’s deck.

For those who don’t know, here he is:

Here’s the idea…

Give him a standard Range 1 - Shall Not Pass / Tangled Vines ability (Use an Ice Fiction, like “Freeze In Their Tracks” or something like that…)

But IceLord also has this gem of an ability:

When IceLord’s Army enters combat with a blight group that is Frozen (or Tangled, or Wizarded), Before combat takes place, each unit suffers a Strength X Attack where X is the Strength of IceLord’s Army.

YES! YES! YES! :smile:

So this is how you play IceLord…

  1. Put many units under his command.

  2. Freeze that large blight group within 1 range, stopping them in their tracks.

  3. March out from the safety of your settlement to mow down your frozen / entangled / wizard stopped foes!

  4. Profit!

Thank you for your time. :wink:


You’re about a day late :smile: Nothing is set in stone though, we’re still working on the powers. Thanks for the cool idea, we’ll keep it in mind - maybe for the upgraded version!


ah well, :slight_smile: keep it in mind. It made me excited about making more melee steam roll units.

friend and foe slower? ugh. >_< We’re already playing a game of days and weeks.

Maybe it’s just this week’s Troll game is taking its toll on me. Troll Toll…


We could change it to just affect zombies. I haven’t tried it in game yet.

I’m working on a kind of defensive charge for the Dwarven Wing Warriors. So they will get a first strike based on the towns defences.


Maybe if it only hit those not behind fortifications