Idea - default carrier actions for individual stars?

What if you could set a default carrier action for each individual star? For example, if I have a star that I use as a gateway and always pick up a certain number of ships, I could set a ‘collect 30 ships’ flag on that star, and carriers would use that rule by default when docking at that star instead of the ‘collect all ships’ flag.


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You can set your carriers to collect/drop a specific number against a specific star… in fact there’s a whole load of options for what carriers can do, and because you can loop orders, I think it was generally considered more helpful to set these rules for the carriers rather than the stars.

I can see what he’s getting at, but for me I’d rather have the option to set the action on the fly as I set my carrier’s path. This way a carrier could travel from star A to B to C then back through B before getting to A and I could set the carrier to collect all on its first pass through B, drop all at C, and then do nothing as it returns through B the return trip. Being able to set those as you make the path would be a lot faster than editing the actions afterward, especially as the number of stars in the route increases.

I like this. Having a planet order for all carriers that overrides the carriers orders would be useful, IMO.

My reasoning was that if you have many carriers in a looping pattern collecting stars from all but one and dropping them on a specific star, you could use this to change which star they drop their stars on quickly, instead of having to change it for every single carrier in the loop.

I see what you mean, and actually there are times when I have thought that would be useful, however if you have a carrier with a drop all command, and a star with a collect all command, which one should the game carry out? It would inevitably cause conflicts and I think having the commands on the carriers is more useful.

Yeah, My thought was that carrier actions would override default star actions, but that new carrier waypoints would default to whatever the star’s value is. That being said, I can see how it might get confusing from a UI perspective.