Idea for RP game with pre-defined character roles

I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while now. It might be fun to have a game with a number of Pre-defined character roles such as:

Gallant conqueror - Wishes to vanquish the galaxy of “lesser” beings, but will stay true to those loyal to him/her and never, ever lies
Dirty Wretch - Habitual liar, and likes to use low-down tactics and cheap tricks to progress
Pot Stirrer - Spreads rumors around the galaxy
Insane in the membrane - Totally unpredictable, a few pieces short of the full jigsaw
Aggressive Nutter - Will attack over the slightest thing and with little regard to self-preservation
Shrewd Negotiator - A smooth talker who prefers to use diplomacy to violence
Manipulator - Tries to get others to do their dirty work for them

etc. you get the idea. I would probably come up with 16 or so roles, with some level of overlap so it’s not completely obvious which character you’re dealing with initially.

The idea is, an independent party (not playing the game) would distribute roles privately via inbox. Everyone knows the character roles playing, but not who is who.

Although players are aiming to win the game, this is secondary to remaining true to your character. Obviously this will not appeal to everyone. It’s more experimental and a bit of fun. Also, I’m aware that if people are sticking to their character roles, then some are much more likely to win that others. Again, participants would have to be cool with this - if you play the Insane whack-job or the belligerent dictator then don’t expect to make it to the end :slight_smile:

Would there be any interest in this if I was to set it up?

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