Ideas to boost multiplayer fun


The aspect of the game I enjoy the most is when you get players working together. Two ideas to increase this:

  1. Maps that force trade - e.g. one player has all the mana, another the gold, others face the zombie horde for immediate valour.

  2. More player specialisation. What if one player has crowd control, another ranged troops, a third defensive strength, another massed steamroller? They would need to cooperate closely to win. I know each race has these strengths, but currently I (and most players) take a mix of cards from different races to create your own balanced force. What if you could only get balance forces through cooperation? The game could become a coordinated dance…Would need to start with a couple of towns so you dont have to walk miles before cooperating.

Combining these two you could get a very different type of game, where you have to work out and execute a joint plan. Wouldn’t want this for every casual match, but especially one the clan system kicks in. Could be achieved through map design,start towns and some restrictions on what cards you can take, or what sort of towns you can take over…can an elf player take over a dwarf town?


Thanks for the suggestions and welcome to the forums!

I agree that some more specialised or perhaps even “puzzly” scenarios for multiplayer would be cool.

I’d like to build some more maps soon. @IHG-BlightedPea has been having all the fun making maps lately!


Interesting suggestions! They would certainly change the flow of the game :smile:


I am intrigued by these suggestions, but I second that they should only kick in with clans. I would not want this for pub games.

My initial concern with this is that it is hard to do anything with that initial facing the hoard to get valor if you have very little gold and mana. The other players would need to invest in you first / for a while before the valor payout kicks in. It might make you feel like a handicap instead of contributing.
I’m not sure that will be a problem, but it’s a thought.


Also to add to this, maybe a map where it’s the same starting race but each position had different starting cards based on what’s around them.

For example on elves, one player might spawn near some zombie heros and blighted mana pools so their starting cards would be Pool Priestess, Eleven Archers, Tactician and maybe even an Elven Princess to go attack the heros and return the mana pools to normal.

Another could have a field of mountains blocking their way from a massive group of dwarven zombies, but they start with a lot of elf range units to slowly chip away at the massive swarm of zombies as they slowly make their way over the mountains.

Another player might be the same as above, but in forests and needs to make a deck around Forest Dryads to keep zombies away until allies can make their way over to help defeat the mass of zombies near them.