Idle carrier hotkey

Thinking back on the days of aoe, I often find myself wishing there was an idle carrier button or hotkey… any idea how difficult that would be to add? Or maybe that’s for the lazy commander?

Use shortcut key “F” will show your carrier fleets. The columns & headers are Player / carrier Name / eye ball / Ships count / Way points / ETA / Total ETA. All the orange items are mouse clickable hot spots. Clicking any column header will sort the carriers table by that column.

There is no function to find idle carriers. I like to sort by “number of Way Points remaining” to find carriers that are soon to complete their orders.

Have you tried to set carriers to “Looping” ?

The Ships tab also shows where you have too many ships, whether they are idle on stars or on carriers.

Yeah… I know about that stuff. Just want to be able to press (period) and it automatically hover over carriers without destinations like the idle villager button in age of empires. Not a big deal :slight_smile: