I'm dead but still can watch my allies

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a “feature request”, but I don’t think it’s cool that alliances are not cancelled after a player AFK/KO…
I mean, I am currently KO in a game, and I am allied with two players (who are not allied). Exploiting that is a natural situation diplomatically, but now that I’m KO, I should lose all my alliances, or I could mess the game even without stars.

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What is the hyperlink for your game ?

Are you having an out of body experience ? Your allies can not benefit from scans from your Formal Alliance if you have no planets to scan from.

Is your Banking Tech still earning production cycle bonuses ?
I suspect that you would be unable to earn Banking bonuses without planets.
I do not know if you are allowed to send cash to anyone.

I believe the game checks to ensure you have no carriers when it declares you KO. So you probably can not capture a planet.

Without planets, carriers, nor income, I do not think you could mess up anything, not even a Formal Alliance.

Whatever the game allows you to do at this point is allowed by Jay. So you can continue logging in, spectate the game, and send messages, talk about strategy, and learn something, and find out how the game continues to progress, and eventually end. I do not believe any of this is a bug. I would suggest to just continue watching and enjoying the game. If Jay wants to fix something, he would.

You could taunt your enemies by sending messages. Snoopy said :stuck_out_tongue: " I’ll get you next time Red Baron !! "

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If you think you could reach out with your dead hand ( send messages ) to your two allies who are not allied to each other, and mess with ( back stab ) them diplomatically, then try it. Maybe it is fun ? HA HA !

The game is not yet completely over. Players may still send Renown to each other.

HEY … that’s pretty cool … and yea, you an still play a role diplomatically using your “Sixth Sense” :wink:

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I guess you would continue receiving scans from your two Formal Alliances until they declare war against you to cancel the FA.

Do you continue to feel some allegiances toward your two allies ? Maybe you could give them information from the scans ? ( or sabotage them ? ) HA !! HA !!

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Obi-Wan Kenobi reminded Luke to “use the Force”. So Luke turned off the X-wing targeting scanners when he was flying in the trench. LOL

ROFL In Neptune Pride 1, just before I was about to become KO’ed by my enemy, I sent my message to him.

I think if you still can see your allies scanners, then alliances should be canceled.

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Lol, thank you for taking me seriously @Arth you truly understand my pledge… : P
I’m joking, I really had fun with your posts,
Well, that’s why I was not sure to say it’s a bug…

Ah yes, good point @pacoelayudante I will add a not to fix this up next time I have the code open.

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Hi Jay ,

I survived a game where my ally AFK’d after 2 others Quit, and 4 remaining newbies AFK’d.

I KO’d the 2 quit players , but they still appeared on the leaderboard as quitters, thus gaining Rank that I wanted to pass over to my ally.

From that case, I understand that quitters can gain Rank.

How about live player KO’s ?

Is it still possible for @pacoelayudante to gain a bit of Rank in that game by coordinating between his surviving allies ?

hrmm, not sure. The final place sorting algorithm goes by stars and by total ships. If 2 ranking players have both no stars and no ships I’m not sure how they will be sorted. Randomly I guess.

¿How is sorted when two players have the same number of stars and ships?

Its not, that will never happen in a million years!

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but a million to one chances crop up 9 times out of 10 :slight_smile:

I guess it’s not that bad to leave it unsorted, and probably noone is going to notice it.