I'm Gawa

So I started playing a RT game a few days ago and totally forgot that I had it going, first game afk… makes me feel kinda bad. So I come back a couple of days ago, enter another RT as the last player and immediately get to work. After about 1 cycle I enter the TB game and notice on the forums they tend to be the preferred games, which seems odd to me until i do this…

Well I bought premium… 2 games wasn’t enough this is pretty fun and I have enjoyed similar games before.

But to shake out all the noobiness and figure out how the AI and combat work without trying to decipher videos that, while well put together, don’t cover a TON. Small map, 4 players 56 stars, password protected. Jump in and “force start” now I can figure out how this AI works!

Judging from the forums I expected to get owned, perhaps I was just anxious. I already learned in the RT game that taking all the stars makes the AI get whiney so I made sure I stayed below the leader.

Let’s save anymore words… I think I did enough:

HI NP2 community! :smiley:

Edit: I did this in one sitting. TB so when I submitted, they submitted. Took a few hours but was definitely fun if you are bored and waiting on that game that is droning on. heh

And… I know how forum goers love double posts… my bad. My username was a typo. it should be Gawadroit. Not “Gawa do it” as it seems to look now. Oh well, can’t win em all.

I tried to fix your username for you @Gawadroit

Oh!!! thank you so much! <3 will that also change it in game? Oh, just checked by trying to start a game, still says “gawadoit” no biggie I don’t think. If you could change that too though that would be awesome. I understand if that’s a little more work though.

That’s even less work.

You, sir, are cool in my book. I think I might just make myself at home around these parts. glances at post count erhm… maybe that comment is a little late.

See ya round!