In-game links to my other games


There’s a link to the main menu in the sidebar, but it would be nice if there were also quick links to other games I’m playing, so I can quickly switch between them. Thanks! :slight_smile:


This is a harder than it appears.

If you are playing 20 other games where should they be placed in the menu? Will this work on mobile or should that be treated differently?

There will be a good way to implement this, however I’d rather Jay was working on other features which substantially improve gaming experience. I just bookmark my games and on mobile I just keep tabs open.


Hmm, maybe just a link to “my games” then - I know it’s only saving one click versus clicking “main menu” then going to “my games” but for some reason that irritates me a bit! :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually did implement this feature in Blight, or perhaps it was BBB?

It even showed you which games where waiting on you to play your turn. I would love to do it for NP to one day.


Cool, thanks! :slight_smile: