In game trading tally

Would be awesome if the game could keep track of the money sent and received (or cash value of tech) per other player. Always a bit annoying to keep track of. Then the people will always know they owe you money too and can’t claim ignorance :stuck_out_tongue:

In some games, some players demand a surcharge for some tech trades. So the cash value of tech can vary from game to game, depending on who you are playing with.

If an ally owes you money, you could always go and liquidate some ECON from their stars. This will improve their memory. HA HA !! If they still forget and go AFK, their AI will remember for sure !! LOL

lol, yes to all those points, but even if someone is charging extra, I would prefer it to show the actual cost instead.

Is your feature request similar to these two feature requests ?


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yeah I think they are trying to accomplish similar results. But I want it to do the math for me as well. I’m lazy and computers are great and doing math for us :slight_smile:

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