Include Real Word Time with ETAs

It would be great if the interface showed ETA as it does now, but ALSO showed actual local time of completion of tech, or arrival of carriers etc…

That way i could better plan my life around this game! :wink: you know, work meetings, date nights, late night alarms…that sort of thing.


I would like to second this idea.

And I’m glad I am not the only one setting late night alarms. :slight_smile:

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What I need is some kind of interface so you can click on any timer in the game and get

  1. Hours from now.
  2. Local Time for completion.
  3. Ticks from now.
  4. Cycle and Tick that will happen.

Did I mention my new game doesn’t have ticks.

i saw you mentioning that around the forums. :smile:
But the above sounds just right!
So instead of ticks you’ll just have ETAs in hours and local time for completion?

when you say new game…what does that mean? i think i saw a mention about “beta” testing new features and maps…is that what you mean? and how do i join those games? can a non premium player join the testing games? I have a friend who would be great for that…but he’s not premium.


I’m building a new version of my fantasy game Blight of the Immortals

I am not against the idea of “local times” or “hours from now”.

“Local time” works for any player only in his own time zone.

“Hours from now” is a continuously moving target, and could be confusing if players are delayed a few hours reading emails at different times of day.

I still like the “Tick” counter beginning at ZERO hour from beginning of game.
Tick 197 is a fixed point in time, and it does not matter what time zone any player is in, and also does not matter if a player reads an email 5 hours later. For me personally, it is less confusing. I am able to hit “L” and read the running clock tick on the Leaderboard. I can subtract to determine “Hours from now” and then compare to figure out my own “Local time”.
For me, the in-game time is its own time zone.

Maybe there could be some OPTIONs to allow players to control the TIME information that a player wants ?

Yes absolutely, I think there is a huge advantage to be able to say, im going to hit his star in tick 134. That has the same meaning for everybody.

If you write a message to another player and say I’m going to hit a star in 12 hours, the player has to look at how long ago you send the message and subtract its age ect ect. much more complicated.

An option is probably a good idea so you can configure it when you are ready, rather than when I make the change.



All you really need is a time zone selection option in the account settings, and then implement that into to ETA’s, seems like a relatively easy tweak…

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Any updates on this? ETA on gated travel seems to still be off.