Inconsistent carrier to star distances

These 3 carriers, believe it or not, are all 1h 7m away from their destination.

And, in case you are wondering, they did all arrive simultaneously so clearly a map rendering problem. Never ever noticed this before.

My guess is this is the fraction left over. Because distances are not always integers or even multiples of the per tick jump distance, then the fraction left over for the final tick of the journey will be different for the majority of distances.

A quick fix to this might be to calculate the fractional jump for the first tick of the journey. That way the distance from the origin star will vary but the distance to the destination will be equal increments for all carriers. The latter is generally going to the most noticeable imo.

If that makes sense, and if that is indeed what’s happening.

PS? Does anyone know (or rather, will anyone tell me :slight_smile: ) what is the journey time formula/jump distance per tick?

It’s fairly common indeed.

Here you have 4 carriers with the same ETA also:

I also thought about it in the same way as @SteveLawUK explained before. It’s because the travel between two stars is measured in ticks, so if there are three stars A, B, C so:

  • distance from A to C is 2.1ly
  • distance from B to C is 3ly

And (suppose) each tick ships move 1ly, then a carrier departing from A and other from B will arrive at the same time to C: 3 ticks.

The carrier from A will be moving at 0.7ly per tick (that is 2.1ly / 3 ticks).
The carrier from B will be moving at 1ly per tick (that is 3ly / 3 ticks).

So the last tick you will see the carrier from A 0.7ly distant to C, and the carrier from B, 1ly.

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Carriers fly 0.3333 LY per tick. Carriers fly 1 LY per tick between WG.

An example of a turn based game might be 8 tick turn jumps with 24 hours turn wait.
There are not any fractional ticks in-game.

“Real Time” games are not truly real time, but are more like turn based games that are 1 tick turn jumps with 1 hour turn wait.

So in @RedLenin OP, when you read carriers are 1 hour 7 minutes away from destination, it actually means that those carriers are 2 ticks away from destination. When you use the ruler to measure distances, those carriers will be between 0.3333 and 0.6667 LY from destination. The extra 7 minutes just let you know when to expect the next ( if “real time” then 1 “tick” { not hour } of ) turn jump. Carriers are not actually moving during the 59 minutes real-time of turn wait. Carriers only move during the in-game turn jumps of 1 “tick” increments.

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Thanks everybody for helping explain how this works.