Incorrect Travel Time Between Stars?


Can you please doublecheck the non-warp travel time between these two stars?
I am thinking that it should be 4 hours, rather than 5 hours for to stars that are 1.3 light years apart, given that it takes 3 hours to travel one light year (or 1 hour to travel 0.33 lightyears) at non-warp speeds.



Measuring that distance 10X multiplies that distance by 10, revealing one more digit of accuracy to the right. The distance is 1.35 LY = 5 ticks travel time normal non-warp.


One way to get the exact value is to create a bookmark with the following location: javascript:alert(8*NeptunesPride.universe.ruler.totalDist)

When you click the bookmark it will display a popup with the actual distance to ~16 or so decimal places

(Edited to fix code)


@AnnanFay , I think this bookmark works better ?

I barely know enough JS to be dangerous.


Yeah, forgot the unit of measurement is 8th light years.


WOW - you guys ROCK … my hack job was to go back-n-forth 10 times to get ONE extra decimal point of distance! :wink:


Thanks everyone for your input.


Should I just add one more decimal point there?


Yes ! Maybe there should be 2, 3, or 4 digits after the decimal point ?


BTW, if you guys haven’t noticed, Jay has fixed this - now shows Range to 3 decimal points - yea!

Would be curious if anyone comes across a game where that is not accurate enough … :wink: