Increase the in-game message recipients limit to 32?

Not sure if that would break anything. Was just thinking it’d be fun to have a chat with everyone in the new 32p that just started @JayKyburz

In “the next version” I will have a blight style full game chat on its own tab in the messages window.

I am doing a little bit of work every night on the new version between 7 and 8 each weeknight. Its slow going, but I will get there eventually.


Awesome! I didn’t mean to rush you, it was just an idea I had. Really looking forward to the next version.

There was something like that in NP1 if memory serves

Hey, Ben. For us TLH game newbs, can you tell us what to expect from the custom galaxy?

Carnage. And alliance forming :wink:

Lot’s of frustration from what I’ve heard so far :joy:

The games in my series aren’t all identical, I change the rules up a bit each time. In the last dark galaxy (you were my ally in that one!) @Ramjet and @BelSon figured out the entire map in under 24 hours by FA with everyone. So I turned that off this time lol.

Not going to spoil the map, but I will say it’s one of @xjhdexter’s old 3 neighbor maps from several years ago.

Oh, I think I won that one! I should stop my whining then.

Howsomever, it appears that quite a few are “stranded” by current range and scan settings, making knowledge of the general shape maybe useful to all. Or a competivitive advantage to those with superior knowledge :thinking:

Hmmm… good point. I’m stranded too, by the way!

It’s weird that there are so many awful starting spots this time around. (Sorry @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS and @Slicertos1.) In game 4 we used the exact same map and starting tech, it just wasn’t dark. Everyone seemed to have a pretty fair start in that one. It definitely makes it harder not knowing who’s on the other side of your neighbors. Maybe if I did a repeat of these rules I could set scanning to 4 or at least make it cheaper to research.

Fine I’ll share it haha. I’ll send it in-game also so everyone is on the same playing field.

This is the general shape. There aren’t any starting spots inside the two holes, so any bridges will be totally random.


Thank you!

So @MalcolmReynolds clearly was gifted a spot at the intersection of the two circles, and is therefore automatically an enemy of the people. Good to know!

So, just how serious were you when you said we needed range 10 to reach each other, @TheLastHero? :smiley:

That would be just my luck. Always starting on the hill in a game that isn’t king-of-the-hill format. I suppose it’s karma’s kiss, considering I did once make that dark galaxy game with a custom starfield where 1 of the 16 players was in the middle of a circle of all others. :japanese_ogre: