Industry and sci upgrades in turn based games


In a turn based game, how do Industry and Sci upgrades work? Do they take effect from the beginning of the turn, or does the game implement the upgrades at the time they were made? Eg in a 12 hour turn, where you upgrade industry in the last hour, does it only produce extra ships for that last hour or does it produce ships for the whole of the 12 hours??


Turn based games need two parameters ( phases ) for proper description :
the ( IRL real time ) turn wait,
the ( in-game ) tick jump.

So let us pretend that you are in a Turn Based game of
12 hours turn wait & 8 ticks jump.

During the 12 hours of turn wait, the game server is paused, and you are free to buy ECON IND SCI carriers, read & send diplomatic emails, gift cash or trade tech with allies, and give all other empire orders, etc. . .

When either all players have submitted their turn, or the 12 hours turn wait expires, then the game server will calculate 8 ticks of game progress for around 30 seconds, then begins the next 12 hours turn wait.

So at the next 12 hours turn wait, you will read all combat reports that happened during the previous 8 tick jump.

Any ECON IND SCI carriers etc. that you transacted goes into effect at the first tick of the tick jump. There are no player interventions during the remaining 7 ticks of that jump.

Hope that is a helpful explanation ?


Based on the fact that AI can react during the turns I assume that the game calculates each individual tick as normal, so ships and research are produced each tick regardless.


Yep - excellent explanation by xjhdexter. To phrase it slightly different, another way to think about it is that it just like a real-time game (all the same things happen) … except after you submit your moves, you can NOT do anything for the next 7 ticks.

And yes, the AI does react intra-turn … which is technically unfair, but I don’t think unreasonable to “help” the AI out a bit.


I do not know when Jay might adjust that bug.

Also if you have “Submitted” your turn, but are still waiting for other players to submit, you can continue to give more orders before the turn wait times out.