Intel pages don't work

I’ve seen a bug for a few days in Triton now. Some of the Intel graphs don’t work.
The JavaScript console prints this error:
Uncaught Error: Row 21 has 8 columns, but must have 9
This comes from the Google visualization API (props for using that rather than rolling your own, btw :smile:)

Economy, Science, Industry, and Carriers don’t work. Ships and Planets do.
This may be because some player/s is/are low/out of those resources at this point?
The game instance is Neptune's Pride

Thanks jwatte, I have a look into this and see what I can do.

hey @jwatte I’m just fixing this now. Do you remember if you were the player with 0 of those resources.

I found a bug that would break the charts if you were 0, but if the other players were 0 it should be fine.

I can confirm that bug, Jay! The game didn’t load the intel screens at all in a finished game I’m at 0 stars.

Yes, it is quite possible that I was one of the players with 0 resources!