Intel save slots

Here’s something that might be useful: intel bookmarks. This might only apply to the larger games (e.g. 64 players). Under the “All” and “None” buttons, have X rows of the form “Set 1”, “Save”, “Clear”. When you have a group of symbols selected and click “Save,” that “Set X” button becomes active. From now on, clicking/tapping it selects the group of symbols you had selected when you clicked/tapped “Save.” Clear, obviously, removes that button’s settings. There’s also an argument for not having a Clear button and simply letting the player save over their previous setting, with a prompt asking if they’re sure they want to do that.

Now, I can have a button for my allies, another for a competing alliance, another for a second competing alliance, and so on. Big time saver for 64-player games!

Another feature I would like to see is the ability to hide AI players in the intel. If you have 40 players who quit the game, you have to find out which players are still playing. It’s a pain to weed through the leaderboard and select the rest of the people playing so you can compare your tech, carriers, and stars to everyone else. Also if you leave the page for too long, it resets so you have to do it the next time.