Intel Screen: Additional Filters


Some ideas for additional filters in the intel screen:

  1. “Active” - would select only players who are still active (not AFK/Quit/Eliminated)
  2. “Neighbors” - would select only players within a certain range of your stars
  3. “Diplomats” - would select only players who you have exchanged messages with (ignoring mass messages, presumably)
  4. “Strangers” - the opposite of Diplomats; players who have had no contact.
  5. “Enemies” - players who you have battled with

It would be most useful in larger games (especially the 64p ones) but would have a benefit even in small games, and there appears to be no shortage of space to add those buttons in the UI.


Maybe a couple ‘assignable’ preset buttons.


I really like the idea of the neighbours and enemies filters, I think those would be really helpful.

  1. “Top N” players on the leaderboard (either custom N or predetermined based on # of starting players)