Sooo could we get Intel updating by tick instead of up to 5 ticks later? Sorta defeats the purpose having a delay


Great idea

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I think the Intel screen presents too MUCH information already… If you’re cleaver you can tell roughly when people tend to log in, who’s fighting who, who’s about to become an AI, and roughly how much of a potential threat someone is. A game with no intel screen could be fun, there would be bluffing and intel would come from the communication between players

A post-game intel screen would be way cool with tick-by-tick updates though, along with a no-fog replay and rewind ability…

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post game intel would be awesome. would also love a production snapshot of the galaxy that we could scroll through. i.e. a snapshot of every production cycle in the game to see how the game went. many times I find myself wondering how the heck did player x get destroyed/ gain so many stars but because he was nowhere near me I wasn’t paying attention

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No Fog replay would be awesome! Would be interesting to observe some highly skilled players from start to finish.

You’re right that those clever enough, or rather those with plenty of time on their hands; can work out literally every detail the Intel display provides. But that in itself defeats the purpose of the Intel display. You have a choice of either using the delayed comparison menu, or doing the groundwork yourself for current intel.

I say either fix the Intel Display or just remove it. So the only option is doing what everyone with a brain does anyway.

Take what your given and like it!

+1, at least for star count and infrastructure. It is tedious clicking through all the opponents to find current values, and pretty useless to show out of date values in the intel graph.