Interface Suggestion - Hide Looped Fleets

It would be great if there was an option, especially in large games: a toggle switch to hide fleets with looped orders.

The reason, is that this would clear up the map and make strategic orders more clear; you’d be able to see where your important fleets were headed at a glance.

Now, I’m conceited enough to think I have a ton of other ideas on how to allow an user to grab more info from the map, but this is probably the easiest and would be most impactful or me…while I’m playing a 64-player map. :blush:

All that said, I appreciate the elegant design, layout and UI as is implemented!

If you notice, the carrier ship icon for looping fleets is actually smaller than non-looping… so this has already been addressed :wink:

Still difficult to distinguish on very large maps, when you have over 100 stars and dozens of looped orders and dozens of fleets tracking back and forth across your space.

For huge maps like that I use looping fleets everywhere except the front line, becomes a nightmare otherwise.

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This is a good suggestion. Thanks @Gakl.

What about we make them really faint so you don’t forget about them entirely.

I’ll make a note on my list of todos!

Awesome! :slight_smile:

Also, completely unrelated, but also a suggestion…

more info on the galaxy/carrier would be awesome–hidable columns?–
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