Intresting Analytics

I don’t often look at my analytics but I did today. Here are some interesting screen grabs for you to look at too.

1st Jan to Today.

A very small trend line up… Woo! (nothing really to get excited about)

You guys a bunch of technophiles

Less than 4% on Internet Explore. Its a shame the its Firefox that is a pain in my butt these days. IE is a good brower. Rendered the map way faster than Firefox does.

Nearly half of all sessions on Mobile or Tablets!

I’m in the pink band but will soon be in yellow.
It’s clear from this graph we need more 65+ year olds playing.


From a webmaster’s perspective its really interesting to see the analytics data for the game! Peaks and troughs are interesting - mirroring the beginning and ending of games I assume. Upward trend may be small but its a great sign.

Triton has been a big “Team Building” tool among our team of developers where I work, and I wonder how many other groups of co-workers host private games. It would be interesting to see stats from corporate networks vs schools vs personal networks. But I can imagine that that data might be harder to determine.

Team Building with NP2? While of course I know what you mean…I’ve played with co workers, peers, and RL friends and I constantly want to rip their lying, backstabbing hearts right out of their chests!

I find it entirely possible for NP2 to lead to some Team Dismantling as well! :joy:

LOL, you have a point. Though, we are all introverted developers (for the most part anyway) all with our own projects. Without some sort of game or activity, we would probably never talk and get to know eachother. NP2 isn’t our only Team Building game, but it is one of the most popular.

It’s true that some people can’t get over back-stabbing sometimes, but for the most part, when the game is over, we are closer than before. That is also one reason our boss hasn’t taken it away from us :slight_smile:

Firefox might be slow for simpler tasks, but it’s actually faster for people like me who always have a bunch of tabs open. I also quite like the customizability.

I just meant slow for rendering the map.

Well yeah that’s because of its JavaScript engine which I’ve found to work better with a lot of tabs. o.O