Inverted garrison order

The garrison order drops or collects ships so that there’s a specific number of ships at the star. How about an order that drops or collects ships such that there’s a specific number of ships on the carrier? Not sure what to call it though…

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I think that is called Economy of force.

“Collect”, “drop”, and “garrison” are fairly intuitive names. I am not sure what would be a better more intuitive name for this war game though. Perhaps maybe “Economize” ? And then time would be needed to explain to gamers, unless it is explained in the help Codex files.

I think in the code, Jay would have to collect all ships for that carrier, then drop enough ships to achieve the desired amount. This could conflict with the current paradigm of processing drop orders before processing collect orders ? Maybe for this carrier order, Jay would have to drop, collect, and drop again to complete the code ? Or maybe Jay will code drop all ships, then collect only the desired number.

Without the new code, the manual workaround would be to collect all, then jump on the same star for one tick and drop a number. Or manually calculate before arrival to collect only the necessary number of ships.

I think I have figured it out. The best name for this carrier order could be “Carry Only”.

During phase drop ships, if this carrier has excess ships, then it drops them.

During phase collect ships, if this carrier has insufficient ships, then it attempts to collect ships to fill the deficiency.

Here is a related post from a few years ago.

Some other name ideas:

  • Garrison fleet X
  • Fill fleet to X
  • Collect until X
  • Crew X

The problem with non-intuitive ship transfer orders is really hard to fix. I remember thinking about it a few years ago but can’t find if I posted about it. The problem is in transfers which involve both a garrison and crew command - both of these act as a pickup-or-drop command depending on situation with the order mattering.

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Seeing as the Garrison order is currently “Garrision Star”, can’t your version just be “Garrison Carrier”?

“Garrison” usually refers to a non-moving fort, castle, or military base.