Invinitus-an epic in the distant volumes


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33% of all stars for victory.
All Players.
Formal Alliances enabled.
Normal anonymity.
Real time, Quad Speed.
30 tics.
Cheap gates.
Common random gates.
Dark Galaxy.
Starfield: Circular
Star Scatter: random
Stars per player 32
Home Star Distance Far
Natural Resources Sparse
Production Ticks 30 Ticks

Starting Stars 10
Starting Credits $3000
Starting Ships Per Star 10 Ships

Starting: Economy 30
Starting: Industry 30
Starting: Science 0

Cost: Economy Cheap
Cost: Industry Cheap
Cost: Science Expensive

Trade Cost Very Expensive 50$/Level
Trade Scanned Disabled

Cost: Terraforming Crazy Expensive
Cost: Experimentation Crazy Expensive
Cost: Scanning Crazy Expensive
Cost: Hyperspace Crazy Expensive
Cost: Manufacturing Crazy Expensive
Cost: Banking Very Expensive
Cost: Weapons Crazy Expensive

Starting: Terraforming Level1
Starting: Experimentation Level1
Starting: Scanning Level3
Starting: Hyperspace Level1
Starting: Manufacturing Level1
Starting: Banking Level1
Starting: Weapons Level1

Joeh Vellom!-C-Typitech ICI