Is injustice by and large expected or do most play with "honor"?

Hello there everybody - I’m new to the discussions however have snuck a bit.

I’m asking since I’ve commonly just played this game with individuals I know in reality, and for us the “trust nobody, sell out or be deceived” part of the game works everything out such that much tomfoolery (and a solid portion of pretend :yum:). Anyway in the (public turn based) game I’m at present in, I’ve double-crossed somebody and they dropped all pretend and are saying they’ll most likely stopped on the grounds that I’ve demolished the game. They appear to be truly resentful about it, which clearly wasn’t the thing I was expecting. From their position and so forth they seem, by all accounts, to be a veteran so I accepted they could expect, appreciate and be ready for something like this, yet perhaps I have some unacceptable thought regarding how the game is normally played on the web?

One more chance obviously is that the degree of misleading is generally of an unexpected kind in comparison to I expected and they are attempting to genuinely control me (as opposed to just lying about in game goals), however assuming this is the case it’s not something I’m keen on.

Much obliged for perusing!

Some additional setting for anybody that needs it
We’re having a humanized conversation about it (gradually… timezones are a thing) however according to their viewpoint I’ve essentially cheated, and from mine they’re griping about something I’d think about an indispensable piece of the game, and I’ve postponed my assault therefore (losing energy, shock and weapons lead in doing as such). The game is down to 3 players as around 50% of the players went AFK/quit rapidly and one more followed them (something I’ve heard is an incidental issue in the public games?) yet the three of us left are good at the base with me in the center, so I was expecting a few swingy collusions in any case. I additionally thought the veteran player (the third player is new) would expect my disloyalty since they slice me off toward the north and I have no place else to go except for going after one of them subsequently… The selling out part of the game is the fundamental draw for me - yet clearly provided that everybody in question is having some good times as a result of it! I was almost completely sure, possibly by mistake, that was what’s really going on with the game.

What you speak of is a core element of the game… In theory. As vets of the game, we tire of always having to look over our shoulders and we put a good deal of weight on finding other players who are trustworthy. Most of us also have a short list of those who have wronged us in some way(including double crossing).

So, what does that mean? Usually, we like to play it pretty straight, and if there is any chance of wanting to backstab/double cross, then you need to watch your words carefully when talking. If you said “lets be allies” at any point, then Im not surprised by the outcome. If you had said things like “sure, we can work together, for now.” Or " lets work together to take down blue". Those statements dont imply that continued partnership is a given. Sometimes it is easy to let someone think something is true, especially when they really want/ need it.

Anyway, in a game like this when a lot of us play on and off for years, we value trust, friendship and cooperation more than winning at all costs.

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