Is it possible to un-declare victory?

I’ve been messing around In a game where everyone else went afk for a while now, but I just accidentally hit the accept victory button, and now I can’t do anything but look around. Is it possible to undo this, or maybe have a admin reverse it? It’d be really annoying if I couldn’t, I’ve spent months preparing to see if I can conquer every single star at the exact same time.

The game is: Neptune's Pride

Try again next time.

The “Accept Victory” button is a convenience feature, that becomes available when there is little doubt that the final player can probably win the game with little to no opposition.

Once you hit that button the game is over, and your Achievements are updated.

When a game ends, all stars in the galaxy show the white dot, and all scans are public.

There’s no possible way a administrator could reverse it? I mean, It wouldn’t exactly be cheating anyone out of a victory or forcing anyone to keep playing a game they have no way to win.

Sorry Bugg, I would do this for you if I could, but I just haven’t written the code to do it for you. If it was a 10-20 minute task I would do it no question, but it would take a lot of code to get this working properly and tested.

Oh, alright, thank you anyway for wanting to to help.

I was spectating your game when it was running. Counting the real time ticks backward, that game must have started 2014 April 14 Monday. You must have learned a lot since then.

Yeah, though fighting AIs doesn’t really help you learn some of the more complex strategies, I.e. balancing economy/industry/science, or what exactly to research and when. For example, buying all economy would usually be a bad idea because your opponents would most likely buy some industry and produce more ships than you. Or while banking is a good research early on, it’s much less useful in lategame, and exclusively researching banking early on would be a bad idea because your opponents would research weapons tech and outgun you. There’s lots of little things like that that you won’t learn from a AI, because they don’t fight back or behave like real players.