Is the AI more aggressive than it used to be?


I’m two days into a 64 player game and have three neighbours. One was afk from the start and the other two quit. I was on good terms with the two guys that quit.

However, I am now being attacked by all three AI, even the ones I had traded with prior to them being AI controlled. I’m not going to survive (or if I do, I’ll be too weak to be competitive).

I don’t think the AI should be quite that aggressive. This 64p game is basically a write-off now. :confused:

[I should note that by “used to be”, I mean a year or so ago]


Try reading this thread.

Jay made some improvements to the AI.



Although, in this case (surrounded by AI within the first 3 production cycles) is definitely not an “improvement” as it made this particular game unplayable :frowning: and I’m thinking of quitting it because it will be very hard to recover and that’s just not fun so soon into the game.

At the very least, I think the AI should look at past events – did the player trade? have they fought before? No? Then it should probably remain peaceful! (Of course, once you attack, then all bets are off)


Are/were you in first place? Because that sets all AI automatically at -1 friendly (at the start of every cycle I believe so even if you buy them neutral/friendly they don’t care the next day).


I wasn’t and one of them was definitely a good bit ahead of me (in stars and ships) before the player quit but they all started at -1. There must be more to the calculation, I guess.

I think the system works fine for the later game and even the early game if you’re only up against one AI. I guess I was super unlucky to be surrounded by them!


I did notice in one game that when a player went AFK/quit the AI was unfriendly to me when we had had no combat except one very early exploration clash (before they were AI). So it seems that this enemy flag may be set in the background regardless of who’s actually in control.

I agree though, facing several AIs can be a death sentence - especially relatively early when their tech trading really gives them an advantage. I managed to survive and even go on to win once when suddenly surrounded by three AI but that was more luck than judgement and I got another player to attack one of them.


Oh, that might actually explain it.


When a player goes AFK or quits the AI reviews your history with that empire. If any combat has occurred - including an “early exploration clash” - the AI will start as hostile toward you.


I got owned in the first game I played after a 2 year break because I didn’t read up on the changes to AI XD it does make things more interesting though.

It’s a shame you got surrounded by AI’s, it’s a bit of a flip from the days when starting next to an inactive meant you had an advantage. I guess there is still a problem in NP with the number of people quitting and its probably worse in 64 player games.


If you have one neighbouring AI, maybe two, and other neighbours who are reliable (and don’t attack) it still can be.