Is the Events Viewer slow?


Over the last several days, I have observed a several minute lag between an action (sending or receiving tech and/or cash) and when I receive the notification. I can see the browser updated with the action (cash balance change for example) but no notice until minutes later. It is contributing to spending mistakes. I don’t need any help in that department.


Game link: if that helps


messages seem very slow to load recently.


In the above game the “cycle complete” message for tick 340 didn’t arrive until about 15 minutes into the next cycle.


I too have noticed this …


I did some emails yesterday about some google app engine issues with the database. They may be related.


Slow for me as well.


It’s funny because I didn’t notice it until today and have been playing at least three games for the past couple of months. If that helps.


Yup it has been on a go slow for a few days now… Bit of a pain!


This is beginning to become more than just an annoyance, and is becoming a serious and potentially game breaking issue.

I’m in the Quake game which turned over and I didn’t see my events for nearly an hour past the game turning over. I had a few hundred ships going to attack and they were just gone. I wanted to know wtf happened to them and see how the battles went. Even more disturbing though, I sent money to an ally (I think…) and wanted to double check to make sure I sent it…but it didn’t pop up in my events until 15+ mins later!!! I almost double sent him money…and of course how am I to know if him receiving the money was also delayed…which brings me to my next point:

If event updates are slow to process, how can we be sure that the events themselves aren’t slow to process? And are diplomacy messages also slow to make it through the system to our in boxes? Are money/tech transfers plodding through system, only to finalize 15-60 mins after we send them?

Are realtime games slow to post events too? Its bad enough not having it for TB games, but RT games would drive me up the wall.


Agreed that this is a royal PIA and seems to be getting more and more delayed …


Yes, it is slow in RT games as well. Blessed nuisance.


So far in my RT game I only notice events messages being late. The events themselves happen when they should, and cash balances and/or tech transfers are accurately reflected in the browser. Player messages are delivered promptly. But yes it is a major nuisance.


ah. I didn’t spot this until now. the delay is a pain.


I think I found this issue. One of the scripts I use to clean up and delete old games was going bezerk!
I have had to purge the task queue, but unfortunately it means that a few events will be lost.


That appears to have fixed the problem… Thanks Jay!


Back to how it used to work - MUCH better - thanks Jay!


Agreed. Excellent work finding and fixing the issue. Thanks Jay!


If you look at this graph you can see the problem started over a month ago.

The crash at the end is where I fixed the problem.


No matter how sophisticated the system, or how difficult the problem, the solution to this old fart always seems the same: CTL-ALT-DEL