Is the game still being updated?

Well as per title: I’d love to help out with some updates to the game if hands on deck are needed, am experienced enough with python (it’s my job after all).

One feature I’ve always wondered if could be implemented is “custom maps”: where you provide a grayscale image and the value (taken from HSV) determines the star density (or “chance for a star to spawn”). And then (maybe) the saturation determines the average star size.

I think this would be really cool and would allow for some funkymaps, which are still random but have actual themes. Like a map consisting of 8 “lanes” feeding into a central -dense- galaxy, with a sparse outer ring that could be used later to backdoor once you have higher range.

Still random: so one time the outer ring might be viable but another time the outer ring would have so few stars it’s never viable.

I’ve made a proof of concept for this already in python that I could upload to git one day if people are interested.

The game hasn’t been updated for a while. I believe that the code is being rewritten, but as far as I know there have been no updates since mid-late 2020.

That sounds really cool! I for one would love to see this. Especially if it could be designed so that a parameter could be incorporated to set the maximum distance any starting group of stars can be from the rest of the galaxy.

“Far” stars often results in one or two of the players isolated from the rest of the galaxy. By the time that the player ‘joins’ the rest they have already lost.

Pulli23, you may find this thread interesting if you haven’t already read through it: Help Improve Proteus

Hey @pulli23. It’s true I am very very slowly porting the game from Google App Engine Python 2.7 to a generic javascript server of some sort. (I am following Dino closely because I really dislike the node ecosystem.)

For my local development I have both the server and client running in the browser and will probably make use of that for some kind of single player mode. (I would love one day to have a fun and interesting AI to play against)

You might also be interested to know that for Proteus, I did in fact implement a system where you can upload a JSON string that specifies every star position exactly.