Is there a release date for Proteus?


I assume no fixed date, but anyone got a ballpark?
Been browsing in the forum but cant find any information about it.



Jay is getting ready to spin up, likely, the last Proteus test game.

I’m sure we’re close.

Thread here


Forgive me my poor English, what do you mean exactly with ‘spinning up’? Is he concluding his last test game, or launching the latest one?

(I’m looking to gift the game for someones birthday in February, I want to know if it’ll arrive in time)

Edit: okay I missed the thread link sorry :wink: Thanks for the info, mucho appreciado!




Hello Chel,

Sorry for taking so long. December turned out to be a very crazy month for us, and January looks like it will be even more crazy. We have some hard deadlines we are working against and there is a lot we are going to try and get done.

Before the end of January I would like to play another test game of Proteus and make sure we are happy for it to be available for everybody to play! My goals is for everybody to just be able to choose either Proteus or Triton when creating a new game.

But at the same time we plan to ship an update for Blight and we have to get the new game (Colossus) onto Steam greenlight and ready for an open beta.

I might spend a day over the weekend making a few tweaks to proteus and try and round up players for a new playtest starting next week.