Is there a report button?

There is a player in a game that I’m in that is clearly cheating, I want to report him/her so it can be looked at but there doesn’t seem to be a button anywhere in the profile or anywhere else?

no there is not. I guess you can just put the game link on here and tell us whats happening so we can see.

Have a look at pink circles economy on the graphs. And the purple neighbour never spent a cent, yet not afk or anything.

Weird that there is no button to get someone to have a look quietly, and we have to make a public inquiry?

They aren’t cheating. Their neighbour was paying them back for a previous assist, so passed on all cash and then suicided all ships into the next nearest neighbour. Definitely an advantage, but within the alliance structure encouraged by the game.

Very frowned on by most of the community and honestly ruins it for everyone else

What kind of favour would someone have to do for you to log in to a game every day and send them all your daily cash?

If you thought so much of a person and were such good friends, if you got offered to join an alliance wouldn’t you ask your friend to join too? Why would you want to be part of an alliance that is an enemy with your good friend?

Are they willing to go to the lengths of not only logging in daily to send cash, but also act as spy for their online stranger friend? That seems like a massive waste of several weeks of someone’s time. Especially as a non premium player since that means you can only be in one other game now

For weeks at a time? The player in question was wiped out in the first few days.

Which player are you thinking of? The one I’m thinking of still has 4 stars

I can contact Ungoliant and Ruhelos to see what they think. Honestly, just report it to the ACIA. Does anyone know their forum username? I know their in game user is Bermuda or something like that.

I don’t think he’s cheating and I’m in that game. I’ve made my skepticism known. It wasn’t long ago I was accused of something similar and it was just a fortuitous hand and I was playing with an alliance I’d never met before (nor played with again).

It happens and if anyone believes that they’ve played every game as a “fresh start” without using friendships, old alliances and old debts then they can throw the first stone. I certainly won’t be.


Interestingly Puffin, I see your alliance which is just south of the player in question would stand to benefit most from trying to have the player kicked? Sure that’s not why you’re really here.

Not trying to get anyone kicked. I have had a look through the forums (which I probably should have done before asking the question), and it looks like this sort of thing comes up occasionally and no one can do anything either way so you just have to trust. Sorry for bringing it up.

Well, occasionally repeated cases of the same account doing those actions come up on the forums. At that point we would blacklist them. But we can’t really ban him or anything unless he does an action that directly goes against the guidelines or unless that person admits in diplomacy that he is cheating.

I’d suggest the only thing you can really do is email the dev. As many say, it might not be cheating but instead someone quitting the game in a way that helps their allies.

I’d note that if it is the latter, often when this happens the person who benefited often still doesn’t go on to win. Likewise actually most people I’ve been convinced are cheaters - while frustrating - tend not to win either despite the early lead.

There’s nothing in public information that can “prove” cheating. Only the dev would be able to investigate fully and I don’t know if he will.

The place to send it is:


From my past experience, devs dont really investigate. Unless the cheaters admits in diplomacy that they are cheating.