Is there a way for the admin to kick someone out of a server?

Is there a way for me as the admin to manually kick someone out of a password protected server?

Uhhh… Nope.

We do not want to implement this feature, as it holds gross scope for misuse.


  1. You ask someone to give you a resource.
  2. They cannot, as they need it more.
  3. You kick them out.

Is this fair? Of course not.

If you are playing a password protected game, it means you are playing with friends. Why would you want to kick them out? A disagreement? They do not cooperate? Simply do not play with them again!

If you want to play with a consistent team, we play public games regularly. You are welcome to join in!

There should be a vote to kick feature. So a toxic player doesn’t ruin a game. Games have vote to kick where if certain majority of people vote to kick, they will be kicked. Esp in a game like this where players can become inactive and not play. In public games, they get auto-kicked. In password protected games, they don’t get kicked and it ruins the game for the rest of us.

I totally sympathise with you.

I have played at least 60-70 public multiplayer games, and in those:

  • Only 10-20 games have been full.
  • Remaining 50-60 have had at least one person inactive.
  • Of the 50-60, 30-40 have had half the players absent.
  • Of the 30-40, 10-20 I have played solo, including hard 6-player games.

I was highly fortunate to start playing with very good players like Eliofhaven and Aerouge, who guided me through the tough times when I was learning the ropes.

When I was new, I really hated that people joined only to go missing. However, I learned to cope with them, and developed my skills and strategy by watching the experts play.

It was due to that that I learned to love the game with its varied strategy and immense playablility. Were it not for them, I would have left this game long ago.

But, I am rambling. Coming to your point,

So a toxic player doesn’t ruin a game. Games have vote to kick where if certain majority of people vote to kick, they will be kicked.

This suggestion has been discussed many times, but no clear decision has been reached. You can also read the suggestions. I am not sure about the admin kick, but I could be persuaded about the group kick. :wink:

But, in all the time I have played, I (may) have been lucky to always play with supportive and cooperative players. I have never encountered any overtly toxic people, who try to pull you down. It was always playing or not, black or white.

As long as this feature doesn’t exist, the best I can advise you is to not play with toxic people. I know that it sucks to leave a good game, but remember: for every toxic people you meet, you will meet a dozen kind and supportive people. :slight_smile:

PS: Here is a Hard Game to test your skills:
No AFKs here!