Is there a way to block people?


So I joined a game and a chose a team near two mana wells and moved to take them. After doing so another player decided to ask why I was taking all the mana wells. Checking his starting area I realized he didn’t have any so I released one for him to take apologized and moved on. He continued to berate and insult me. I’d like to know if there is some way to not play with this guy again as he’s being very unpleasant hiding behind his interwebs.


That sounds like it’s against the ToS and should be reported.

Which you can read fully here.

I do not believe there is a blocking feature in game yet, but if it continues just remember that you can report them at any time. In other games I’ve played, screenshots help a lot with reporting so try to make them of the harassment.

That being said, were you in a game where people were Roleplaying? The player might not have been trying to harass you but might have been roleplaying as a rude commander.


Nope. Not roleplaying to my knowledge, I was the second person to join and nobody has said a word until this fellow. Screenshots are easy to grab how do I go about reporting somebody? I can’t seem to find the option for that.


You can RL send to

2 A
You can post on this forum calling out to @JayKyburz and he will receive an RL email from this forum.

2 B
You can use the forum Private Message system to send to JayKyburz and he will receive an RL email from this forum.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like me to to look into the matter.


As a player of the game Obeliske refer to, I’m not sure that his opponent’s terms fall under the “3. Offend, defame, threaten, harass, stalk or flame any other user” rule, but rather under what I’ll call “unpleasant behavior and laguage”.
But it may be just a different way to call “offense” :wink:

Anyway, whatever the reasons (insult, un-cooperative or non-efficient gameplay, droping games, communication difficulties, etc…), I STRONGLY agree with Obeliske : it should be certainly a good thing to be able to block (or at least “tag” for ourselves as “non-desirable”) some players on the games we play.

And it wil be much easier to handle for the administrator than handling banning request dispute.