Is this cheating? [SOLVED]


Ive been playing this game for ages but have never seen this. There must be something wrong with this outcome. I also have weaps 9…


No, this is perfectly normal. Combat takes place in ‘rounds’, for each round, the defender fires first. The defender destroys a number of attacking ships equal to (defender’s weapon level + 1), in this case, 10. Since you only had 10 ships, all your ships were destroyed, and so that was the end of combat.

If, however, you attacked with 11 ships, you’d still have had one after the defender’s first shots were fired. Then you’d have had a chance to fire your weapons, and would have done 9 damage. Then the defender would fire again and destroy your last ship.


Wow. Mind = blown. Thanks. At least I know its fair now :).

This is gonna change some of my starts then!