Issue when trying to send tech, Android, Chrome

Happens repeatedly.

I am playing the game almost exclusively on my Android smartphone with Chrome, too. Never had a single problem except having to tap a couple of times to press something, but that’s a size related problem.

Try another browser?

There is no other browser for Android. Firefox is broken and the built in browser is horrible.

What makes you think its a size error?

There is a bunch of browsers available on the Google Play store, UC Browser and Dolphin to name a few, and then again Opera is a big name, too.

I believe it’s a size issue because I’ve got big fingers and usually have to zoom all the way down to make it physycally possible to press on something. Maybe that’s the way it was supposed to be anyway.

However, speaking about it, there is also another problem which can’t be mistaken with size: pressing bigger buttons. I have to tap a couple of times and all that happens is the borders of the button become more intensvely white. I have to press more until something happens and sometimes swiping across the length of the button does the job.

I use a laptop PC. So Jay has implemented zoom controls for the map.

But the browser has its own built in zoom controls.
I hit the keyboard
CTRL+(PLUS) to zoom in bigger
CTRL+(MINUS) to zoom out smaller
CTRL+(ZERO) to zoom to standard reset.

I do not know about Android phones, but does your browser do that ?

Not exactly. Android smartphones are entirely touch screen driven, so the only thing you can do is pinch outwards to zoom in. As an extra, there is text zooming in Chrome’s settings but I am not sure if it’ll work with Triton, and even if it does, I bet it’s gonna be ugly.